Resources and Presentations

Past Presentations

Presentation/Resource TitlePresenter Name(s)Year
Walking the Line Dean Phillip Lyons 2017
The Sky is the Limit - Climbing the Ladder of Administrative Responsibility Danny R. Kelley 2018
What to Expect When the Unexpected Happens Dr. Kenneth Evans 2018
Visionary Leadership in Higher Education Dr. Kimberly M. Childs 2018
Maximizing Faculty Potential - Development and Evaluation Elizabeth Vaughan, Ph.D. 2018
Faculty Development in a Changing Academy Marilla Svinicki 2018
Appendix D, TALA Reading List TALA 2018
Building a High Quality Team TALA 2018
60x30TX Leadership Strategies for Decreasing Student Loan Debt Christopher D. Murr, Ph.D. 2019
Tips for Productivity and Time Management for Academic Administrators Christopher Maynard, PhD. 2019
The Art of Leading & Following Christy Crutsinger 2019
Conflict Management Gene Roberts, JD 2019
60x30TX - Understanding the Plan & Our Progress Ginger Gossman, Ph.D. 2019
Understanding Basic Financial Models in Higher Educations Matthew Olmstead 2019
Reframing and Re-envisioning Enrollment and Student Success Patricia Alvarez McHatton, EVPAA 2019
How to Make Diversity Tangible and Obtainable Benita R. Brooks, Ph.D. 2020
Statewide Projections for CARES Act Funding Center on Budget and Policy Priorities 2020
Supporting and Developing Faculty and Staff A History and Vision for TALA Christopher Maynard, Ph.D. 2020
Projections for Education and Childcare Funding Committee on Education & Labor 2020
Leading Staff Effectively Julie Schwab 2020
Interview on CARES Matthew Fuller, Ph.D. 2020
The Panel for How to Support Your Children Right Now Matthew Fuller, Ph.D.,
Sinem Akay-Sullivan,
Courtney Banks,
Tim Brown
Assessment and Strategic Planning Paul Turcotte 2020
U.S. Dept. of Ed – Main Interface Page U.S. Department of Education 2020
Crisis Response Examples Matthew Fuller, Ph.D. 2020
Pandemic Leadership Matthew Fuller, Ph.D. 2020
How to Make Diversity Tangible and Obtainable Benita R. Brooks, Ph.D. 2021
Higher Education After 2021 Bryan Alexander, Ph.D. 2021
Supporting and Developing Faculty and Staff Christopher Maynard, Ph.D. 2021
Demystifying Higher Education Finance Matthew Olmstead 2021